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Votacall Acquires Cloud-based Speech Recognition Software Suite

January 10, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

It is certainly an exciting time to follow the VoIP space. Innovation is steering the ship into uncharted, feature-rich and future-forward waters. From the cloud and virtualization, to AI, machine learning and analytics, the future is bright for Business VoIP.

This week, UCaaS and VoIP provider Votacall announced the acquisition of Mobiso, a cloud-based speech recognition Software Suite. The purchase includes all IP and assets in regard to the Lyrix product suite, and underscores Votacall’s commitment to the business VoIP space.

"We are excited about our decision to acquire Mobiso as it will not only enhance our overall cloud product suite and features set but it will also enhance our major differentiator in a saturated market, the customer experience,” said Edward Lennon, CEO, Votacall. 

In specific, Votacall gains three portfolio additions from the acquisition. The Mobiso IVR auto attendant, company directory and its speech-enabled cloud application; all integrate with a number of VoIP systems and possess certifications from several major VoIP providers. 

The Mobiso speech recognition application could prove the key addition for Votacall. With 10 years of development put into the solution, it touts the highest accuracy rate in the industry at 98 percent.

 “We have been working with Lyrix and Mobiso for years with thousands of customers – from multi-site organizations and distributed workforces to SMBs and Start-ups – utilizing the Speech Recognition product as a way to increase efficiency and add a seamless layer that drastically advances a UCaaS solution.  The opportunity to own this innovative cloud platform and further develop it and integrate it with other business productivity tools gives Votacall and our customer base a tangible business advantage," Lennon continued.

Innovation is driving change, but also competition. Business VoIP providers are put to the test in today’s dog-eat-dog environment. Those willing to deliver future-forward and feature-rich solutions will reap the reward.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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