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Libitel to Ring in 2018 with New Features

January 04, 2018

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

It’s been a little more than a year since its launch of low-cost VoIP international calling services, and Libitel continues to move the ball forward. In December, the Norwegian VoIP services provider introduced new access numbers in Sweden and the United States. And early this year it expects to launch new features.

Right now, the company’s service includes a Call Filter, which customers can use to block numbers; a SIP account; and a virtual number in any of 10 countries. India, Mexico, and Norway are among the company’s most popular calling destinations. And Libitel has multiple data centers to prevent latency.

In a recent blog, Libitel explains that even small organizations can benefit from VoIP service.

“When we talk about saving some cash, we do not mean a few bucks,” a company representative writes. “A lot of small businesses save up to 50 percent of their annual cost! Although large businesses wholly rely on VoIP, small businesses have a higher tendency to benefit the most. If you have a tight budget or running on a very low or tight budget, VoIP might be the right choice for you.”

It also notes that VoIP is affordable, high quality, reliable, and simple to install and maintain.

“When you hear about [a] telephony system, what comes to your mind is a … server installed at one corner of the closet and constantly maintained by a highly trained staff,” the blog says. “Luckily, [Libitel’s] VoIP does not require this clunky equipment. Most VoIP service providers offer a remote system of telephony with their hardware for easy setup. This remote service requires less than 10 minutes to connect, and it is up and running.”

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