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Brekeke Boasts Business VoIP Enhancements in v3.8 Beta

December 20, 2017

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Platform improvements are the norm in the VoIP space, well, at least for those providers seeking prosperity. Feature-rich, flexible and reliable, these are characteristics of future-forward business VoIP solutions capable of carrying an organization’s communications well into the digital age. Nose to the grindstone, innovation is building a pathway toward the next generation of Business VoIP.

Today, Brekeke Software announced enhancements to the Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX. The release of v3.8 beta update offers a slew of new capabilities including call detailed records (CDR) as well as an improved phone book and easier configuration options.

Making the Brekeke PBX more user friendly was a primary focus in the development of v3.9 beta. With an easier to use dashboard and solution, configuration errors and processing time is reduced. For instance, team members can import contact information from any third-party solution – like, Outlook or Google contacts.

With the improvements made to CDR, firms with the Brekeke server deployed earn a stress-free third party billing system integration process. And, the seamless transition requires no custom engineering to complete. Admins are happy because the CDR can be written directly in a database, and adding fields to a CDR in order to match an existing system or service is but a few clicks away.

"While we worked on this version update, our goal was to further improve usability of our software. By creating more efficient options for administrators and engineers, we were able to minimize the chances of various configuration errors and also improved the speed of setting up a system," said Shin Yamade, Brekeke's CEO. "One update targeting service providers and integrators is the new and improved CDR. It can be written into a database without any additional programs, and it has a customizable field to fit customers' requirements," added Yamade.

Those interested in taking the v3.8 beta version for a test drive can do so from the Brekeke website, with the standard version of v3.8 expected to release Q1 2018.

The price of admission as a business VoIP provider is innovation. Innovation creates differentiation and allows for technologies like speech analytics, AI, the cloud and more to come to fore.

What business VoIP solution is in your business?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz



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