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Telx Telecom Talks Top VoIP Features

September 05, 2017

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

Telx Telecom has produced a list of the top features enterprises with more than 100 VoIP users need.

The list goes as follows:

• customizable user templates;

• professional installation, training, and support;

• custom software integration; and

• dedicated circuits.

Customizable user templates, Telx explained, enable organizations to avoid the time and trouble involved with having to manually enable and disable individual features each time a person is hired or promoted. That can mean big productivity improvements for IT staff members, which as a result can spend their time and efforts on more strategic pursuits, such as assisting with digital transformation.

The same could be said about professional installation, training, and support. Getting such services from an enterprise hosted PBX provider offloads work from the IT team and ensures everyone in the company is familiar with how to use the new phone system, Telx noted.

Of course, phone capabilities are increasingly being built into popular business software applications for ease of use. And that requires integration.

“An enterprise-grade hosted VoIP provider will build out any type of software integration a company may require,” said Telx. “They know how to integrate with applications like the Oracle ERP system.”

Telx added that it’s also imperative for enterprises to have great call quality. To make sure that happens, it added, businesses will want to consider using a dedicated VoIP circuit. That way, Telx said, “they can control [quality of service] and guarantee landline quality 100 percent of the time.”

The company concludes its press release article with the following: “Don’t settle for an average hosted VoIP platform that is only suitable for smaller businesses. The reality is hosted VoIP is just as beneficial to large companies as it is to small ones, as long as companies are on the correct platform.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz



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