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WeWork Wills net2phone as Preferred Business VoIP Provider

August 17, 2017

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

South America is a beautiful continent, with majestic beaches, rainforests and wild life. But that doesn’t stop the working world from trudging along, and a key component of businesses round the world is communications. For shared workspace provider WeWork, choosing a hosted voice communications provider was a day at the beach.

This week, WeWork Argentina and WeWork Brazil announced the selection of IDT/Net2Phones as their preferred partner for hosted voice communications.

"We are delighted to have been selected by WeWork Brazil and WeWork Argentina as their preferred provider for voice communications," said Daniel Londynski, Managing Director of IDT Latin America.  "Our hosted PBX service will provide WeWork with the key features and flexibility of enterprise communications systems at a fraction of the cost.  It's an ideal solution for creative businesses that depend on collaboration and innovation."

net2phone delivers a robust portfolio of IP voice solutions around the globe. The business VoIP provider will be a strong addition to the WeWork, as this shared workspace is an incubator for a bevy of innovation and business developemnt. Currently, WeWork is providing over 130,000 members with services, community and space, with more than 160 physical locations and continues to expand.

"Net2Phone looks forward to enhancing collaboration among WeWork's clients, suppliers, partners and members with releases including a full suite of unified communication services such as messaging, collaboration, WebRTC, SMS, CRM integration, and more," said Jonah Fink, President of net2phone.  "WeWork Argentina and WeWork Brazil are leading the way to create more innovative work spaces and communities in their respective countries.  We are proud that net2phone's innovative communications services will be part of the WeWork experience."

Businesses need the appropriate tools to flourish. It’s not as simple as a desk phone and legal pad. Innovation is reinventing workflows, the way businesses engage customers as well as when and where we work. Everyday can’t be a beach day, but at least with the proper armaments in place, you’re living on the sunny side of the street.



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