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Voipfuture Addresses VoIP Media Quality with Next-Gen KPIs

August 02, 2017

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Analytics are being put to work across industry’s landscape. High and low, far and wide, analytics offer invaluable insight to operations. From analyzing contact center performance, to ensuring your business VoIP phone system is firing on all cylinders, analytics are proving indispensible in business.

Recently, Voipfuture unveiled a next-generation KPI system to ensure VoIP media quality. The voice quality analytics vendor viewed this as an optimal time to address a growing issue. In terms of assessing a network’s SIP signaling, there are well defined KPIs. However, there is no system in place to measure media quality of VoIP services.

• The new KPI system is key in delving into service performance, tackling all points of media quality.
• Service Perspective: How do your customers judge your service?
• Network Perspective: How is the network’s transport quality and how does it influence the user experience?
• Session Perspective: Do issues stem from persistent issues or isolated incidents?
• Volume Perspective: How is the overall quality in terms of call minutes?
• Midpoint Perspective: How is traffic quality in a specific network segment?
• End-to-End Perspective: How is the overall quality per call?

For telcos and service providers, quality of service is a vital metric, and the Voipfuture system translates experience into actionable insights. Leveraging fixed time slicing, units were measured by being aggregated to various levels, offering data to dissect from several scenarios.

Sure, call quality data can offer insight into customer experience management, but it doesn’t aid in root cause analysis. The Voipfuture KPI hexagon is able to delve into:

• GMR – Good Minute Ratio
• GSR – Good Stream Ratio
• GCR – Good Call Ratio
• CMR – Critical Minute Ratio
• CSR (News - Alert) – Critical Stream Ratio
• CCR – Critical Call Ratio

Voipfuture offers a number of resources, if you’re interested in learning more about the next generation KPI system.

In the meantime, I hope you are asking the important questions about your business VoIP deployment to ensure all systems are go.

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