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Hosted VoIP Florida Takes Orlando by Storm

July 26, 2017

By Alicia Young, Web Editor

According to recent reports, Hosted VoIP Florida is quickly emerging as a strong business phone service in Orlando. The Orlando business VoIP solutions company services businesses throughout Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Palm Bay and most regions in between.

The success of this company can be largely attributed to the popularity of VoIP overall. Various industries rely on VoIP solutions on a daily basis to keep their operations up and running. Thanks to BYOD policies and a preference for the mobile workforce, VoIP solutions are becoming more important than ever before.

As the announcement states, “VoIP can be used in conjunction with a traditional phone service or independently, and offers lower costs and similar quality. Hosted VoIP Florida offers VoIP services with comparatively low rates, high definition sound quality, free long-distance calls, and mobility for remote employees, making it a strong option for Florida residents.”

On top of providing convenience, Hosted VoIP Florida offers a wide variety of hardware to use with its VoIP solutions. Whether you’re a small or large company, Hosted VoIP Florida has a solution to meet market needs. The announcement highlights a few options, stating, “PolyCom phones are a twelve line, color screen phone featuring high audio quality, making it a great option for companies to handle many calls simultaneously and run a busy office. The three-line Cisco SPA 303 is a popular VoIP phone for its simplicity and affordability. It features a wide array of features and configurations for a high degree of adaptability to any hosted VoIP service. With dual Ethernet ports and high security protocols to protect your calls, this model is a good jack of all trades.”

PolyCom and Cisco are just two of Hosted VoIP Florida’s partners. In fact, the company’s list of partners in quite long, with other standout names being Nextiva, Momentum Telecom, Net2phone Business VoIP Solutions, and Broadview Networks.

With an arsenal of associates like that, and VoIP solutions that are set to empower the mobile workforce, it’s no wonder Hosted VoIP Florida has been taking the state by storm lately.





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