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Is T.38 Reliable? BabyTEL Says Yes

April 12, 2017

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

Vice President of Channel Partnership at BabyTEL Dan Dorsey said the company understands that T.38 has been a problematic technology, but he adds that babyTEL has mastered it and can cure people’s T.38 ills.

To provide a little background, T.38 is the technology that was created to support faxing over IP networks. Organizations needed to find a fax alternative to PRI and analog lines in light of the decommissioning of the circuit-switched network and virtualization. But T.38 has developed a nasty reputation as a result of its high fail rates due to delays during the gateway negotiation process and synchronization challenges.

“But T.38 does work,” Dorsey told TMC in an interview yesterday in Las Vegas. “BabyTEL makes it work.”

He added that BabyTEL is also one of the few companies that can encrypt T.38. That’s important for organizations with HIPPA compliance requirements. BabyTEL uses AES 256 encryption to enable that security. It introduced this capability about a year ago.

The company is also working on business continuity architectures that are far advanced to what is available today, he said. And going forward, the company expects to introduce some advanced communications services integrated into a cloud PBX, he added. BabyTEL will disclose more details about that at a future date.

The company sells its services exclusively through the channel. It does revenue sharing with its channel partners. And right now BabyTEL, which sells globally, has 60 employees and 500 channel partners.

Channel partners can get training materials and other information through BabyTEL University, the company’s online channel portal. BabyTEL also has channel managers who support agents with constant training, said Dorsey.

The individuals responsible for faxing within the companies that are high volume fax users can be difficult to identify, said Dorsey. Channel partners help them to identify and connect with those individuals.

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