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Aircall and Solulan Deliver Business VoIP to Canada

April 04, 2017

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) reported Internet and wireless telecom services have grown by more than $7.1 billion or 27.0 percent since 2011, and accounted for 70.0 percent of total telecommunications revenue in 2015. With total revenue of $47.8 billion, there are many opportunities to address the 12 million households, one million businesses and 800 other telecommunications entities that currently make up the market in the country. A new channel partnership between Aircall and Solulan is going to make available a range of services, including business VoIP along with call center and cloud software phone solutions for enterprises and SMBs throughout Canada.

Aircall provides a cloud-based phone software so support and sales teams can interact with their customers across different touch points by integrating Helpdesk, CRM and other communication software. The company announced it is looking to expand its presence in Canada, and the formation of the channel partnership with Solulan is going to make it possible for Aircall.

With more than 17 years as a Canadian system integrator and consulting firm specializing in the deployment, integration and maintenance of cloud-based systems, Solulan has the experience and awareness of the market to give Aircall immediate market penetration. Solulan currently addresses the communications needs of SMBs, mid-market and enterprise customers with business VoIP, contact center and other telephony system.

"Solulan is an ideal channel partner for Aircall because of their local market knowledge and experience helping support and sales teams switch from old PBX technology to modern cloud software phone solutions," said Glenn Fleischman, Aircall’s VP North America.

As part of the partnership, Aircall is going to provide its call center software solution and with Solulan's comprehensive IT infrastructure, network readiness assessment services and a full onboarding process, business VoIP services are going to be delivered so customers can access cost-effective enterprise-grade solutions.

"Solulan receives requests from current customers on a regular basis looking for cost-effective telephony and call center solutions for their ad-hoc teams. They seek a solution that can be setup in days, not weeks, that can scale based on their needs and most importantly, can work wherever their teams are. Aircall is ideally positioned to help our customers looking for a cloud-based solution that can be set up quickly," said Rija Raharinosy, Solulan’s VP of Sales and Alliances.

Solulan is going to offer 24/7 customer support, while giving Aircall customer services to Microsoft environments, server virtualization, telecommunications and Internet access.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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