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TDS Telecom Extends ManagedIP Hosted Service to 80 Communities

March 24, 2017

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

The decision to invest in new technology is a difficult one for businesses. With so many solutions, finding the right choice can be a task in itself, oftentimes resulting in making the wrong decision. This is especially true for on premises systems where upfront expenditures are high and maintenance very costly.

For hosted service providers, the offer is appealing, as it costs less all around and delivers more services, flexibility and the scalability to grow as needed. The new business VoIP tool from TDS Telecommunications, called managedIP Hosted, is going to be available in more than 80 communities in seven states, providing the benefits of a hosted communication solution.

TDS Telecom is the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S. that is also making considerable investment in the cable industry. The company has presence in close to 900 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities providing high-speed Internet, phone, and TV entertainment services with 1.2 million connections for residential customers. The business segment of the company also provides high-speed Internet, fiber optics, data networking, and hosted-managed services, with the managedIP Hosted service being launched in the company's cable markets.

The business VoIP service is going to be available in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and the many communities within those states.

The platform integrates leading vendors, including Cisco, Polycom and Broadsoft, to provide features that are essential to bring employees together from everywhere. “Like many businesses, we work with co-workers, customers and venders all across the nation. For me the Desktop Sharing and Virtual Collaboration Room capabilities really improve the way I communicate. I can be hundreds of miles away and talk directly to a person just as if they were sitting across from me at my desk,” said Stephanie Senner, Commercial Marketing manager at TDS Telecom in Bend, Ore.

The managedIP Hosted service is a comprehensive UC with features that can be accessed from anywhere to bring teams, customers and partners together seamlessly. The collaboration features include Desktop Share to let users share screens; instant messaging to stay connected with real-time chats, group chats and file transfers; and virtual collaboration room hosting to allows on-the-fly conferences with up to 125 people anytime and anywhere. It also includes calling features such as three-way calling, virtual phone systems, shared call appearances, selective call rejection and acceptance, and much more.

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