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Solus and Uno Merger Will Deliver More Business VoIP Solutions

January 30, 2017

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

Identifying areas of interest and being able to address the market needs of customers is key to ensuring the success of a business. But this is not always possible for a single organization to accomplish, and by acquiring or merging with the right company, this challenge can be addressed. And this is what Solus Business Communication and Uno telefoni (which will be known as Uno from now on) have done to create the largest operator in the Swedish-Nordic market delivering cloud and unified communications, as well as business VoIP solutions. The merger was in part made possible with funding from SEB Private Equity, making it the main shareholder.

Emilio Dauvin, Investment Director of SEB Private Equity, said, "The merger gives us significantly improved utilization of resources, resources which can, in turn, be reinvested for faster international growth. The board will be putting major focus on simplifying and facilitating international expansion from day one."

Solus Business Communication develops digital communications technologies that bring together mobile and fixed platforms, including VoIP, softphones, desk phones, faxes as well as full PBX into one integrated solution. This includes business VoIP with features that are essential for organizations as employees work remotely and collaborate across all devices and clients such as PCs, Macs, mobiles, browsers and IP desk phones. The full PBX features the company offers include, automatic call distribution, IVR, call center, attendant, single number reach, rich presence, instant messaging, least-cost routing, conferencing and more.

The solutions Uno brings to this merger is also an integrated communication service that brings together many of the services organizations are looking for with packages that can be bundled under one product. Uno provides collaborative solutions, group monitoring, conference call, contact center, call recording, video conferencing as well as API integration and reporting tools.

"With a new main shareholder and the merger we have created the sector's best conditions for domestic and international expansion as an operator -independent cloud communications integrator. We will take the position of the leading systems integrator in the cloud and create the best experience for customers, partners and operators," said Mattias Ohde, the company's incoming CEO.

The business VoIP Uno provides have popular add-on services so they can be customized to address the communications needs of each organization. This is a third generation enterprise telephony system that is operator independent with a platform that lets organizations scale as needed and without being locked in to long term contracts.

The flexibility Uno offers connects IT systems with an API integration to provide better services internally and track clients. The API has been developed with a ready-made connection to major vendors and web services, including Lync, Salesforce, Zendesk, Upsales,, Google Analytics, Intelecom and others.



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