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AstraQom Expansion Bolsters Brazilian Business VoIP

December 07, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

AstraQom was already well-known in the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) both for its business VoIP services and its telecommunications cloud services. It's about to get just a little more well-known as the company makes a formal expansion and steps into the Brazilian market.

International expansion is nothing new for AstraQom, who has already established deals with customers in 70 countries worldwide. Now, however, AstraQom is part of the huge Brazilian market for business VoIP service, and has set up shop in the Edificio Candelaria Corporate building in Rio de Janeiro.

The fifth largest country in the world, with around 206 million people to its credit, Brazil offers a lot of opportunities that many smaller nations couldn't. Throw in the 120.6 million Internet users—which represents 59.1 percent of the total population—and it's a recipe for serious success in business VoIP and cloud-based communications systems. AstraQom should be up to the challenge, though, as it boasts the world's largest cloud architecture for VoIP operations, reports note, and offers local numbers for those 70 countries in which it operates, a great move for global business wanting the credibility boost of a local number.

AstraQom International's senior global reach engineer Mark Myers commented “What has always made the AstraQom brand stand out and allowed us to remain a step ahead is our ongoing commitment to the most innovative and sophisticated locally based technology. Our move into Brazil sends a strong signal that we are continuing to reshape the international telecommunications scene on multiple continents including South America.”

It might be a bit difficult for AstraQom going forward, especially given that the country recently underwent something of a fairly large-scale revamping of its telecom market following the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Then again, AstraQom might well have been waiting for just such a move; since AstraQom is more dealing with online services rather than online infrastructure, by holding out until the infrastructure was in place, AstraQom may be in the best position going forward to take advantage of all that new construction to provide services. Of course, these days, many infrastructure providers also offer services, so the market might be a bit limited.

Still, AstraQom has made quite the move, and has expanded its repertoire to one of the biggest countries on Earth. Just how far it goes in this market remains to be seen, but it's certainly made the steps to make quite a splash in Brazil.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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