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Mobile Workers Rejoice: Dialpad Integrates with Salesforce Lightning

October 04, 2016

By Alicia Young, Web Editor

Today’s mobile workforce is a great thing. Allowing people to work remotely and on the go empowers them to be flexible, thus ensuring that productivity levels are better than ever. The cloud has become every industry’s best friend; it connects every worker, whether they’re sales teams, call center agents, anywhere developers and IT executives, etc. It no longer matters where you are—home offices, hotels, cafes, subways and trains, airports, cabs and so on—the cloud can keep you connected and working.

The only major fallback of this type of work style is that technology hasn’t quite caught up with all the needs of this new workforce. That’s why Dialpad has chosen to team up with Salesforce Lightning to make it even easier for people to work from anywhere.

Dialpad, a pure-cloud communications solution for business, announced yesterday that it is integrating with Salesforce Lightning. The solution will enable Salesforce users, including the ever-growing number of remote workers, to communicate with customers, partners and colleagues in entirely new ways, directly from Salesforce.

 It will do this by equipping Salesforce with full, pure-cloud business phone capabilities. It will also integrate BYOD into the Salesforce workflow and automatically track all business activity in Salesforce, no matter what device or channel workers use to communicate. So, whether you’re on a conference call on a subway or messaging in the airport, this solution will keep you connected.

Additionally, Dialpad requires no on-premises servers, storage or hardwired phones. It can also be deployed in minutes, connecting employees quickly and efficiently. With the new integration, users will be able to answer calls directly within Salesforce Lightning; switch calls live back and forth between Lightning and any mobile device; transfer calls to colleagues, departments, groups, or distributed call queues; record any calls and easily listen to recordings in Lightning; access the entire Salesforce contact list; access the company-wide directory from any device; automatically log activities and add notes from any device; utilize call queues for distributed sales and service; expose contextual customer data to allow teams to respond faster and more efficiently to sales and service calls.

This solution couldn’t come at a better time, as the number of people who choose to work remotely continues to grow. According to the 2016 "The Era of the Anywhere Worker" report, a survey conducted by Dialpad and Altimeter Group, 89 percent of respondents would prefer to work outside of the office at least one full day per week. Meanwhile, 75 percent prefer a mobile smartphone over a desk phone for business calls.

“The rise of the anywhere worker is forcing a fundamental change in how we think of the enterprise and the technology needed to enable teams to be more agile and productive,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad. “The Dialpad integration with Salesforce Lightning is another nail in the coffin of the irrelevant desk phone, and another win for anywhere workers who can't be saddled to their desks.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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