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NewVoiceMedia Puts More Numbers in More Hands with Voxbone Use

August 30, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

At some point, we must run out of telephone numbers. The 10-digit system we currently use, of area code and seven-digit number, must inevitably stop producing number combinations just shy of the 10 billion mark, though we've likely got quite some way to go before we reach that point. With the growth of cloud-based systems, like cloud-based contact centers, the ceiling starts looking just a bit more inevitable. That's less of a problem for NewVoiceMedia, who recently started working with Voxbone to supply direct inward dialing (DID) numbers to allow for a fully global reach.

Voxbone not only offers its customers access to a large array of DID numbers, but it also allows for real-time provisioning, meaning that customers can get instant access to these numbers. That's a significant improvement over many others in the field, who require a certain amount of advance notice before bringing the numbers to the user. Better still, the DID numbers in question are backed up by a substantial infrastructure that offers support to over 9,000 separate cities in more than 55 different countries. That means just about anywhere a company cares to operate, there can be a DID number waiting for it, without having to be concerned about issues of quality.

With these new numbers, NewVoiceMedia can offer up a regional presence to just about any nation, and allow that regional presence to operate as though it actually were in the region it purports to represent. It's almost like a corporate embassy, but without the legal functions.

Meanwhile, Voxbone's CEO Itay Rosenfeld offered further background, saying “The number of cloud contact center deployments is increasing rapidly as multinational companies switch from on-premise solutions to cloud solutions. NewVoiceMedia, with its comprehensive suite of contact center features, is uniquely positioned to address this market. With Voxbone, it can ensure that the entire communications experience can be ported to the cloud.”

That regional presence can convince a lot of users to do business with a company they might ordinarily have passed by. After all, we want that regional connection, that “taste of home,” so to speak, no matter where we are. When a company has familiar phone numbers, it suggests a connection to the area and an inherent interest in its occupants. Though this connection may not be truly legitimate, it presents a perception of connection, and for some, that will do the job. That connection might make the difference between future sales and abandoned business, so it's not a surprise to see companies turn to NewVoiceMedia and the like for that familiar connection.

Thanks to Voxbone, NewVoiceMedia can supply that connection, and do so in a fashion where no one notices any issues of quality. That should spur some interest from contact centers, especially given the growth seen lately as contact centers become vital as the new primary point of customer contact.

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