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Broadview Releases OfficeSuite Readiness Tool

August 23, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

Broadview Networks offers businesses a number of communications services and tools such as its cloud-based phone system and call recording software. When it comes to installations of whole phone systems, preparation can make or break the entire process, so Broadview has created its new OfficeSuite Readiness Tool that monitors a prospective business’s network to determine its ability to handle IP-based communications.

OfficeSuite Readiness is unique in that it works for Broadview as much as it does for the enterprise customer. For Broadview, it makes sure that techs do not begin installation of an OfficeSuite unified communications (UC) system without first knowing the capability of that system. They of course would need to inspect a potential user’s network before installation anyway, but the Readiness program lends a helping hand in that process.

Readiness works by scanning a network for seven consecutive days so its can witness how that network responds to peak levels of business activity. It can monitor all parts of a network and determine which devices cause more strain on the system than others. It can then simulate what it would be like for the network to receive multiple voice calls like it would with the OfficeSuite package live and ready for use.

Broadview noted that its software tries to be different than competitors’ testing equipment by scanning networks every 15 minutes across the seven-day period. It generates a glut of information from that testing period to inform both technical and non-technical users. For the latter group, it lists indicators of voice quality, internet connection speeds and router configurations, and internal network designs for display in a manner that shows their quality or lack thereof. It also shows specific measures of latency and jitter in the network that would cause use of a VoIP phone system to become unreliable and drop calls.

All that considered, it is easy to see how the testing software also works for the customer. It shows businesses if they are ready to accept an IP-based voice system and what changes they can make to their networks to improve an installation from Broadview. Businesses can then decide how they want to move forward with their communications goals by using the important information at their disposal. They will not have the opportunity to jump in without first considering whether or not they are able.

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