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Alianza Updates Cloud Voice Platform

July 27, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

Alianza uses its cloud-based communications software, Cloud Voice Platform, to allow telecommunications service providers to offer a stable connection to voice-over-IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) to their end users. This week, it announced numerous updates to that platform to update its usability and efficiency.

The updates arrive in two broad categories. The first, those geared toward the usability and extensability of the platform, give telecoms more options with the services they can offer. This starts out big with Alianza’s adoption of the Nomorobo service that blocks incoming robo calls from reaching homeowners. Not only can it block annoying calls, it can also help protect individuals from fraud attempts where seemingly legitimate calls are actually masquerades for malcontents.

Robocalls are often associated with home phone rather than mobile. Still, such calls can cross borders, and Alianxa wants the rest of its service to cross borders as well. Its partnerships with softphone development companies such as CounterPath give telecoms a way to extend their own services to mobile phones and personal computers. Users can make calls from their offices or while on the go. They can use both LTE and Wi-Fi connections to handle their business VoIP and UC communications through voice and video.

Alianza also makes its way into televisions and computer-based applications with its update to caller ID that can reach multiple devices at once. This way, users can know who is trying to reach them no matter which device they currently hold.

Those tools listed above may make end users happy – a great goal – but operators also want their own lives to be easier. The way they connect to the Alianza cloud is through application programming interfaces (APIs) they can use to cherry pick which services to offer end users. Those telecoms interested in emergency calling can now take advantage of improved API access to latitude and longitude through Alianza’s partnership with West. Better accuracy of users’ coordinates means quicker response times for emergency responders.

Operators can also improve their customer service by using the Cloud Voice Platform to integrate with the BroadHub customer management and billing software. Broadhub is available for use in the cloud and on a customer’s premise, so telecoms can market this feature in a number of different ways.

Finally, it was mentioned earlier that customers may be at risk for fraud. Well, they are not the only ones in that camp; telecoms also face outside threats from fraudulent callers who may pose as legitimate customers. Service providers can use Cloud Voice Platform to set limits on how many times a number can call the company before being flagged. They can also place financial thresholds on accounts and automatically disable accounts when fraud is suspected.

Alianza’s goals with its latest updates are clearly to please its own business clients and their customers. It has reached into a number of areas of business operations and everyday customer voice and video uses. Alianza’s updates will be on display at vendor trade shows while it begins to market these new options to existing and future telecom customers.



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