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Teo Technologies, Alestra Get Together to Push UCC Solutions

July 15, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Partnership efforts in technology sectors generally end well for all concerned. One business gets to shore up a sector it wasn't developing, but is often complementary, and delivers a much better product in the end. Peanut butter is great by itself, and so is chocolate, but together it's even better. That's exactly the kind of partnership struck recently between Teo Technologies and Alestra, as the duo got together to bring together their systems into one powerful new offering.

The combined effort brings together Alestra's infrastructure and Teo's unified communications and collaboration (UCC) toolset with a focus on delivering these services to Mexico's markets in both private enterprise use and even government markets. With the combined Teo / Alestra solution, a string of voice, data and assorted applications will reach the field and offer enhanced communications capability to a somewhat underserved market. As a result, organizations in the region will have access to a greater slate of communications options presented securely, providing both the access and the protection that said organizations need in the field.

Teo Technologies' director of marketing and business development Thomas Beck noted “This partnership will provide Teo Technologies a fast growing international market that is facing the demand for more complete and flexible systems, including the delivery of Alestra's unique voice and data services and robust support. As Mexico faces new challenges in security and transparency, both in the political and economic reforms, we see this partnership as a good opportunity to bring our technology to the forefront to help these organizations meet and exceed any type of standard or environment in the future.”

It's the eternal constant of technology: hardware can't do much without software, and vice versa. Teo's system is terrific, but it requires a sufficiently robust and secure network on which to operate to really have any impact, and Alestra's network is just a pile of cables unless there's something to generate traffic for it. The two therefore work together to produce a high-value end result that can deliver a lot of useful capability for its target market. That target market, in turn, should be more than ready to get behind this and open up a whole new string of opportunities for Teo and Alestra that weren't there previously. Teo's offering of UCC systems can in turn allow opportunities for the markets as the value of remote workforces asserts itself in every market, and requires UCC tools to help keep everyone together and operating.

A combined effort can sometimes break open a market that wasn't available before, and for Teo and Alestra, that seems to be just what's happening in its push on Mexican government and business interests.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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