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Zultys, Earthlink Get Together for Interoperability Announcement

June 15, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

When it comes to communications technology, there are few sweeter words than “interoperability.” It's a word that signals versatility and value throughout the chain, and it's the word that Zultys and EarthLink got together to offer up recently with an announcement that Zultys' line of advanced Internet protocol (IP) phone systems would work with EarthLink's session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking system.

The new interoperability, according to EarthLink director of product management Scott Yelton, allows for a much better customer experience in using Zultys' hardware alongside EarthLink's systems. It allows for the best in voice service, and represents just one more way that EarthLink can provide value for potential users. Given that EarthLink was recently seen offering hosted contact center tools for Maryland Legal Aid, this projection really isn't out of line.

Meanwhile, Zultys offered comment of its own through its Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Steve Francis, who said “Our MX product line has been SIP-capable at both the trunk and station side from its inception, as we have always believed in the ultimate adoption of this protocol within the business marketplace. Partnering with EarthLink enhances our ability to deliver the benefits of VoIP end-to-end. We are excited to have EarthLink as a certified technology provider for our customers.”

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is increasingly a beneficial tool for businesses to have. Not only does it allow for inexpensive calling in both long distance and international varieties, it can also offer many exciting features available only to the most premium of basic landline calling packages, if available at all. Between Zultys and EarthLink, users get access to services ranging from auto attendants and smartphone integration to auto rerouting and SIP failover systems.

VoIP isn't just offered in isolation, however, and the right IP phone can be a big help in terms of unlocking all the potential that VoIP can offer. That's what makes interoperability like Zultys and EarthLink so important; it allows businesses to know that those who already have Zultys hardware can work well with EarthLink services, and vice versa. That's important for businesses considering changes or expansion efforts, and can be a great point to drive sales efforts.

Interoperability makes for peace of mind in both hardware and software, and with Zultys and Earthlink set to work together, peace of mind should be just a little easier to come by for those using, or planning to use, VoIP systems.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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