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Broadview Builds on OfficeSuite

May 11, 2016

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

When selecting a business communications system, firms seek user-friendly, highly reliable solutions that can also be flexible to adapt to need and provide users access regardless of location. And this week, cloud-based unified communications provider Broadview Networks announced enhancements to its business suite to address the growing laundry list of enterprise demands.

In specific, the enhancements were made to Broadview’s OfficeSuite White Label service. The solution was designed to help providers stay ahead of the market, with the recent upgrades echoing this theme.

“We own the code for the OfficeSuite platform and are constantly developing new features based on customer feedback to allow our wholesale clients’ customers to meet the demands of the always-on workplace,” said Michael Hou, Broadview Network’s Senior Vice President of Wholesale Services. “Beyond just supplying the platform, our service experience and knowledge make us a unique and trusted partner.”

Now users have access to digital voice lines, which leverage your Internet connection for voice. The Do Not Disturb function is a one touch memory key to redirect calls to a given number or one’s voicemail.  Multi-desking provides for multiple phones to be connected to a single extension at once. The announcement also includes voicemail transcription, 10-way calling, one-click calling, and call recording as well as a PC & mobile softphone.

Broadview’s innovation is putting cable companies, resellers and telecommunications providers in a position to succeed by offering a solution that provides security, flexibility and user-friendly management.  And, the firm stands behind its solutions with dedicated customer service teams in case any hiccups occur along the way.

The selection of a business communications system, cloud or on-premises, is not an easy decision. It’s a measure twice / cut once situation, so cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s” while putting the pieces together. Cloud communications and the added benefits therein are playing a key role in business moving forward – be ahead of the game.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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