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XO Communications Brings Out Cloud-Based XO Contact Center Services

May 09, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has found a lot of applications in the field, and contact centers have often benefited from the array of new services that VoIP can offer. The fact that VoIP can offer lower prices on outbound calls doesn't hurt either. XO Communications recently capitalized on that fairly common desire with the release of its XO Contact Center Services platform.

With XO Contact Center Services, users get access to a host of tools, giving contact centers some of the necessary infrastructure to push toward an omnichannel service front. Users get standard phone call access, of course, but also get Web-based chat systems, text-based chat systems, and social media operations. Great by itself, but the platform can also interface with several major customer relationship management (CRM) tools like to allow quick connections to certain agents for specific needs on the ground. That means a better chance at first-call resolution, which means a more efficient contact center as there's no need for customers to try two or more times to solve the same problem.

XO Communications' senior vice president for marketing and product commented “A cloud-base solution allows businesses to stay up to date on the latest contact center features, while improving the overall customer experience. The increased number of first call resolutions and reduced hold times is valuable to companies that want to improve contact center productivity and will reduce churn.” Wainhouse Research's senior analyst and partner Bill Haskins underscored this point, calling the system a means to “ their customers' increasing demand for a flexible, cloud-based, customer engagement center.”

The contact center is increasingly the public face of businesses, and a system like XO Contact Center Services can deliver a lot of value. A more efficient contact center, as noted previously, means cost savings and an improved customer experience. It improves the likelihood of customers sticking with a particular brand over the competitors' options, and there are very few if any markets these days that aren't packed full of competitors. Additionally, satisfied customers tend to tell friends about such experiences, which commonly results in new customers coming on board. Better first-call resolution rates and the ability to reach customers through their own desired platform—including Web-based chat and social media options—only improves that proposition, making for still more satisfied customers.

XO Contact Center Services isn't a magic bullet; bringing it in won't mean more sales and happier customers. It will provide better chances at such successes, however, and that's the kind of thing that's hard for any business to turn down. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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