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Loway Unveils Upgrades and Education

March 30, 2016

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The contact center is the heart of a company’s customer service operations. It is the front line, where customers complain, question and compliment. Agents must have a well stocked arsenal of tools to ensure an exceptional level of service. This starts with the business phone system and should end with customer service agents in a position to succeed.

Loway, a firm known for the provision of call center solutions for Asterisk PBX technology, announced recently the availability of its QueueMetrics Pro, Call-Center Bundles 2016 as well as their addition to the company’s online store. Loway offers the call center an all-in-one solution for monitoring, reporting and dialing at competitive prices.

The new QueueMetrics Pro is a more user friendly than its predecessors, more cost friendly and more feature rich. Loway is offering training courses, discounted remote assistance and free email customer support to ensure the tools are leveraged to their full potential. Education can pose a major hurdle when new solutions are implemented, and by ensuring that base is covered it alleviates the need for management to provide such training.

Among the new additions in the release is the AGAW module for advanced agents’ management. The module includes agent performance metrics for immediate feedback based on behavior, a channel for agents to speak with supervisors or product experts while communicating with a customer, agent awareness of queue statistics and call flow and minimal performance downtime.

A military commander would never send his troops to war without the proper armaments, and the call center the same line of thinking applies. Companies only get one chance at a first impression, which can easily make or break a customer relationship.

Is your business phone system up to snuff? 

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