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BSB Communications Uses Ingate SIParator to Encrypt Voice Traffic

March 23, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

The latest announcement from IT hardware and software reseller BSB Communications regards its use of the Ingate Systems SIParator enterprise-class session border controller.

On behalf of its client, a U.S.-based insurance company, BSB has replaced its legacy phone system with a new cloud-based SIP trunking installation. To complete the transition, BSB will now use SIParator to handle communications between the client’s IP-PBX and the new SIP-trunking service. SIParator will take the responsibility of normalizing all traffic between the two ends while also encrypting data from point to point.

Bill Nutting, a managing partner at BSB, commented on the encryption possible with the SIP trunk and session border controller working in tandem.

“Our initial system encrypts anything from the point of entry to the phone,” Nutting said. “The Ingate SIParator encrypts the SIP trunking service between the carrier and the IP-PBX. Ingate’s E-SBC is a crucial piece of the security puzzle for our customers.”

He further noted that the combination of these two products reflects innovation in the field of data transfer. While some companies may use one product or the other, the insurance company in question should benefit from complete encryption of all data it uses on this business VoIP network.

Ingate added its own commentary by remarking that SIP has the ability to encrypt voice communication. That feat takes traditional voice service to another level that can serve clients in many ways. The insurance company here, for instance, will be able to complete voice calls on this new network and meet federal guidelines such as those in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Guidelines within HIPAA and other similar regulations can place a heavy burden on companies that engage in communications about their healthcare, and insurance companies fall within that guise. TMC has written at length about the reach of such regulations and the need for multi-channel protection. Although the U.S. insurance company working with BSB will have access to secure voice, it should also be able to complete secure transactions of data between its own employees and with its customers.

The creation of a secure business VoIP systems such as this can take companies far in their need to secure all their communications. In this case, it even saved the client $5,000 a month in operational costs. Together, it looks like pretty good deal.



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