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VoIP Supply Promotes Don Stefanie to Channel Manager Slot

March 17, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

We all know the impact of sales channels on operations these days, and having the right people in charge of channel operations can mean the difference between getting the most sales possible in and leaving plenty of money on the table. New word from VoIP Supply puts Don Stefanie in a previously-open channel manager slot, and this should prove a welcome move for all concerned.

Called “highly energetic, passionate,” and someone who “...knows the ins and outs of the industry” by VoIP Supply sales manager Christian Buerk, Stefanie brings 18 years of professional sales experience to the table, along with 14 years operating in the IT channel. Stefanie puts a customer-first sales approach to work, and uses that to exceed sales goals and drive company initiatives, a prospect that should be welcome for those planning to or currently dealing with VoIP Supply. VoIP Supply was said to be looking for someone who could “...ensure that all of their new and existing partners have a dedicated representative to take care of all their wants and needs,” and based on what we know so far, Don Stefanie should be just the person for the job.

While a “customer-first approach” is pretty much table stakes for anyone in a sales capacity these days—that's part of what's driving everyone toward an omnichannel customer experience, after all—what's really putting him forward is his volume of technical experience. VoIP Supply, by necessity, covers quite a few waterfronts; it handles several different kinds of hardware, including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) appliances as well as endpoints like desk phones, it also offers some connection to the software side of things. Wireless VoIP and Fax over IP (FoIP) are also involved in VoIP Supply's line of goods, and only a person with a fairly broad technology background is going to be able to best understand how all of these fit together. Knowing the right tool for the job is a big part of potential sales, and that makes Don Stefanie an excellent choice for a channel manager slot.

VoIP Supply should turn out to be quite happy with its new choice, and Don Stefanie should be able to deliver plenty of value thanks to his broad technical knowledge base. That's a great situation all around, and one that customers should find particularly gratifying. A rapidly changing market for VoIP needs means a need for a quick adapter, and considering what Don Stefanie has already learned, he should be just the thing to serve customer needs in a fluid environment.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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