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VoIP Supply Steps Up PBX Offerings with Open-Source Focus

March 07, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Options are important to the course of any business. Having choices helps ensure that the best tool for the job will always be on hand, no matter what form that job may take. VoIP Supply recently stepped up its own offerings of private branch exchange (PBX) tools to bring more choice to the field, bringing out the new RenegadePBX lineup that uses a kind of open source model to give buyers more choice.

The RenegadePBX lineup comes in three components, the RenegadePBX mini, 1U, and Pro lines. With the mini line, users get access to up to 100 extensions and 75 concurrent session initiation protocol (SIP) calls in one appliance. The appliance itself weighs just 3.8 pounds and measures 11 inches by nine inches. The 1U, meanwhile, steps things up a bit, handling not only 75 concurrent calls, but also offering up to 24 analog or 16 digital telephony ports. It works with Digium or Sangoma PCI cards, and boasts a pair of chassis fans.

The Pro, as expected, is the high point of the operation, Able to use a variety of different software platforms from 3CX to Elastix—even Digium's Switchvox can get in here—the Pro allows companies to use whatever is considered the best tool for the job.

Ben Sayers, VoIP Supply's founder and CEO, noted “With our RenegadePBX lineup, we are able to provide our customers with an affordable solution for VoIP that allows them the freedom to choose the model that best fits their needs. Allowing them to choose a product that is fully customizable and has been manufactured within the United States offers them the security and dependability of a quality product.”

It might be a bridge too far to suggest that quality products are best found in the United States—ask the huge numbers of United States firms currently outsourcing labor to other nations—but it's a point worth making, particularly these days. VoIP Supply is giving its users plenty of options, and by calling attention to the “made in the USA” concept, it's piggybacking on some current shifts in sentiment. We've already seen this notion at work with the ongoing call center renaissance in the United States, leading to a host of new jobs and center openings, so seeing it here makes a note of sense as well.

Politics aside, VoIP Supply is offering a fairly impressive package here, giving potential customers the ability to choose from several different platforms according to needs on the ground. Underscoring the political side can't hurt, though, and the combination of a quality product backed up by an optimal construction location should make VoIP Supply's RenegadePBX line a name to conjure within the wider market. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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