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Softswitch Pioneer Telinta Raises Its VoIP Game

February 16, 2016

By Rory J. Thompson, Web Editor

In a rapidly changing world where everyone is looking for an edge, one company that was pioneer in its field has apparently done it again.

Telinta offers award-winning cloud-based white label switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, and with its highly-customizable solutions, resellers can offer a full range of VoIP services, all under their own brand. That’s important for those looking for a solution while keeping costs in check.

At the recent ITEXPO is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Anthony Stiso, VP of marketing and sales at Telinta, sat down with virtual-pbx’s Rich Tehrani to discuss what Telinta has been doing and where it’s going.

Stiso opened by describing his company as having pioneered the concept of a hosted softswitch. “We have a platform that provides integrated switching, billing and customer management for service providers all over the world,” he explained.

He was then asked to expand on the benefits of utilizing a hosted platform.

‘One of the benefits of a hosted platform is that you can easily start a business without having your own infrastructure or your own technical team,” he said. “Our customers provide services like hosted PBX and we also offer a very unique MVNO solution called ‘TeliSIM.’

Expanding on that last point, Stiso said that TeliSIM was one of the things the company was doing differently this year, beginning with ITEXPO.

“We really want to showcase TeliSIM at the show, [because] what TeliSIM does is really revolutionary,” he said. “We’ve developed a methodology where we take cost-effective voice over IP, and use that to replace the high-cost GSM termination that mobile operators charge all around the world. So what this does is, it lets service providers offer roaming services, [which are] extremely profitable, and at much lower costs than what the incumbent operators charge around the world.”

Stiso added that the company was able to do so, as it had “Roaming agreements with hundreds of operators around the world, so we provide data, SMS and voice.”

To hear more about what Telinta has planned, and see the full interview, check out the interview below. 

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