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2talk Certifies Phoenix Audio SIP Conference Phone

February 12, 2016

By Clayton Hamshar, Contributing Writer

2talk, a relatively small SIP trunk and cloud PBX provider, recently announced that it will now offer the Spider MT505 SIP Conference Phone from Phoenix Audio Technologies, a manufacturer of audio and video conferencing products.

Phoenix Audio considers itself at the leading edge of innovation in communications products, keeping up with emerging trends while striving to break down the technological boundaries that detract from a seamless audio and/or video communication experience. 2talk’s selection of the Spider MT505 is an exciting announcement for Phoenix Audio, since the phone’s capabilities were proven by the fact it was able to surpass more popular offerings from communications giants such as Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.

“Working closely with our partners to stay attuned to their clients’ needs is imperative to our mutual success,” said Jonathan Boaz, Vice President of Sales. “We look forward to supporting 2talk’s valued client-base with our easy-to-use and high quality audio solutions that fit their evolving needs.”

The Spider MT505 supports the full range of SIP features, but excels in audio quality thanks to cutting-edge noise supression, echo canceling, de-reverb and auto gain features as well as a four microphone beamforming array. It can also support bridging for audio and video calls, and is daisy-chainable with up to fourteen units. An interactive user interface adapts according to what functions are necessary at a given time in order to improve its simplicity and intuitiveness.

Excelling in audio quality, usability and flexibility, Phoenix Audio’s SIP Conference Phone is the perfect complement to 2talk’s extensive calling plans and lengthy feature list. The company also offers free calling to over 70 countries using VoIP technology, further minimizing the cost-effectiveness of its dynamic solutions. Customers can now purchase the Phoenix Audio Spider MT505 will full assurance that it will cooperate beautifully with any 2talk contract, thanks to a rigorous testing procedure.

With the immense range of SIP and PBX solutions on the market, in turn dwarfed by the array of available phones and similar hardware, it can be difficult to align products and solutions in a way that best suits a businesses’ needs. When companies take it upon themselves to test for compatibility and certify certain hardware that works best with their solutions, it benefits both companies in the form of more business while helping customers by providing them with top-notch services. 2talk was not shy in choosing a lesser-known conference phone to certify for its solutions, and customers of both businesses will surely thank them.



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