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VoIP Supply Adds NetCarrier nCloud to Marketplace

January 05, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

NetCarrier has an interesting relationship with its customers. It connects its cloud-based voice and data services to such businesses only through its sales partners. Luckily, it is adding new partners at a high rate – the latest being VoIP Supply that operates out of Buffalo, N.Y., which reaches clients across the U.S.

VoIP Supply will now have the opportunity to sell the NetCarrier nCloud set of communications services to its current base of more than 125,000 customers and to all future customers it will reach in the coming years. The two companies have embarked on a partnership that intends to benefit both parties by taking advantage of their unique strengths. Bruce Wirt, the vice president of channel sales for NetCarrier, commented on the skills that VoIP Supply brings to the table:

“VoIP Supply is a very unique partner for us because of the multi-faceted approach that they take to marketing our services,” Wirt said. “Not only do they take the traditional sub agent distribution approach, but they drive a tremendous amount of business through the CloudSpan Marketplace on their website.”

Many similar relationships discussed at TMC do not typically mention the specific types of marketing the sales partners will complete on behalf of their business associates. In this case, however, the CloudSpan Marketplace shows itself as a prominent piece of the puzzle. NetCarrier calls this collection of software, hardware, and communications information the bridge that spans businesses to the cloud. In this case, it is part of the bridge that moves enterprise clients to the workings of nCloud.

nCloud begins with voice and chat features such as presence, instant messaging, and connection to customer relationship management software. It can also offer email hosting and an always-on cloud-based private branch exchange for initiating and receiving calls from customers.

VoIP Supply said it is excited to add this set of tools – all which come with installation and product training – to its marketplace. It can now offer a complete voice communications product that will allow its clients to instantly begin making calls as they see fit.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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