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Movius Work Phone Gives Enterprises Greater Control

December 15, 2015

By Michael Guta, Contributing Writer

The addition of each new communication device to the enterprise ecosystem is one more technology organizations have to deal with. This requires a host of technical issues that include hardware and software compatibility, security and cost. For large enterprises with thousands of employees and multiple locations across a wide geographical area, solutions that bring their disparate systems together deliver on many different levels. The Movius Work Phone, by Movius, a provider of cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions, looks to improve productivity levels, lower expenses and ensure compliance with BYOD deployments.

Enterprises see BYOD (bring your own device) and COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled) initiatives as a great way to give their employees access to company resources with business VoIP and unified communications (UC).

The Movius Work Phone leverages TDM voice or VoIP services on any employee smart device and telecom carrier to mobilize business phones to mobile devices. The solution is delivered through a SaaS-based business mobility platform with real-time data that can be accessed by IT personnel and compliance managers. Corporate and industry regulations will be in compliance as work-related voice, messaging and data consumption can be archived to keep accurate records.

The company also provides training and compliance services so industries that have to abide by strict regulatory compliances are always improving the way in which their employees interact with each other, customers and other organizations.

Dominic Gomez, president and CEO, Movius said, "Movius Work Phone solves these issues by providing enterprises with a solution that enables employees to easily segregate business and personal calls, texts and data application usage while simultaneously giving IT departments the ability to measure employee data usage necessary to optimize cost allocations and accurately reimburse employees for their business-related usage."

Another key feature is the flexibility it provides by allowing employees to use their device on any mobile carrier platform. And it delivers this feature while protecting the privacy of the user by separating personal information from corporate data and enterprise communications resources. The enterprise mobility management (EMM) integration includes partnerships with leading vendors, such as AirWatch and Samsung KNOX, so enterprises can manage their communications from a single point of contact.

According to the company, the Movius Work Phone will give enterprises a range of capabilities, including compliance and cost control, expense reduction, cross-carrier flexibility, continuous communications, training compliance, and PBX and EMM integration.

The Movius Work Phone solution is available for immediate download through the Apple App Store or through Google Play as a subscription-based service.

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