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Yes, VoIP Is Great. Here's Why.

November 25, 2015

By Michelle Amodio, Business VoIP Contributor

Internet telephony has done a good job of making phone calls more sophisticated, easier, cheaper, and more efficient. We’ve long been hearing that VoIP has done wonders for business communications, but it isn’t just knowing that VoIP is great. The proof is in the features.

For starters, it’s inexpensive. The most important benefit of VoIP technology is its cost efficiency, which in turn adds to the savings of consumers and companies using it. Generally, it can save almost half of the traditional phone bills, and sometimes more. For start ups and small businesses the savings can translate into more money on the bottom line.

Aside from cost, it offers more. Think apps, think functionality. Web-enabled call centers, remote telecommuting, collaborative white boarding and even applications for personal productivity such as the unified messaging and “follow me” services make VoIP a multifaceted solution.

VoIP is also mobile, which, if you look around, we’re in the thick of a mobile era. VoIP is available on current smartphones and other mobile devices so small businesses can save on overhead and ditch the rented office. VoIP expands the call cost advantages of a VoIP business phone system to the mobile handset. Staff can make calls from their mobile phone as if they were sitting at a traditional workstation without incurring excess mobile charges.

Mobile VoIP is imposing itself as a means of making phone calls for a much cheaper price than what they would cost over GSM and roaming networks. Mobile VoIP enables you to reach people anytime and anywhere but only as long as there is an Internet connection for your phones to connect to.

Contrary to popular belief, VoIP is also secure. Some telecom decision makers feel that VoIP is anything but, however there are plenty of sophisticated defense measures like firewalls, redundancy and encryption to ensure solid, reliable security. VoIP is safe in the same way online banking is safe, as they share the same data lines.

VoIP is also easy to set up. There was a time when installing new communications systems came with complex equipment, too many wires and a lot of headaches, but VoIP today is easy to install. The connection it makes to a computer network means there is little upfront work. Moreover, now that we have cloud technology, businesses just have to plug in and go.

Given all of its features and how they can improve business functions, it’s no wonder VoIP as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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