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RingCentral Gives Cresa a Much-Needed Facelift

November 12, 2015

By Kyle Piscioniere, Web Editor

Cresa, the world’s largest real estate advisory firm exclusively representing tenants, recently announced that it will replace its outdated legacy phone system with RingCentral’s cloud solution.

Cresa serves over 60 offices across the globe, but until recently it still used a legacy analog communications system. As Cresa SVP of IT Dave Nuss commented, “I joined Cresa four years ago, and found 11 different Customer Relationship Management systems in use, as well as a hodgepodge of Voice over IP and traditional PBX phone systems.”

Those outdated systems can’t capitalize on the ubiquity of cloud technology, and the mixed bag of solutions only caused hiccups for inter-department communication. Cresa needed to adapt to what Nuss called a “cloud first, mobile mandatory” business model.

So Cresa set out to slash employee inefficiencies. They found that their advisors – whose primary job is to help customers find sites, vet offers, manage properties, and tackle every other real-estate headache – wasted much of their time with redundant communication.

Enter RingCentral. The cloud communications service streamlined and updated the Cresa systems. It eliminated wasteful practices by issuing personal conference call numbers to employees, delivering agent voicemails through email, establishing reducing physical upkeep costs.

As Mitch Tarica, VP or RingCentral’s Enterprise Sales, said, “We’ve been delighted to serve the Cresa team. We’ve formed a true partnership committing ourselves to their success in helping them scale and improve their systems, and enabling them to be better engaged with their customers. Our success with Cresa demonstrates RingCentral’s ability to deliver an innovative, mobile centric, cloud phone system that tightly integrates with CRM, while allowing them to maximize their potential, and save tremendously on time and costs.”

Both Cresa and RingCentral stressed the mobile benefits that this partnership brings; that makes sense, given the job market’s continuous move towards remote, decentralized employment.  As more companies prosper in the digital market, expect companies like RingCentral to lead the UC charge into the future. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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