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VoIP Myths Discussed, Debunked

November 05, 2015

By Michelle Amodio, Business VoIP Contributor

Despite VoIP’s heavily touted benefits for its end users, there are still a lot of myths floating around that consistently need addressing. The truth of the matter is, VoIP has come a long way since its inception, and while it has evolved with the changing communications landscape, the same, tired misconceptions have unfortunately come along for the ride. Here’s some myth busting for the naysayers that will shed some light on this cost-saving technology:

Its quality is quite good.

One of the biggest misconceptions about IP telephony and VoIP in general is that the voice quality is subpar. In reality, VoIP has changed a lot since it came into play, so much that the technology has improved vastly. VoIP runs through the Internet. Voice is converted into data via VoIP-enabled phones or similar devices. Since broadband has seen improvements over the years, so has VoIP. What we have now is packets able to travel through the Internet faster, delivering crisp, clear VoIP at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony.

It’s secure.

Users tend to shy away from certain technology because they fear the worst in terms of security. While this concern is certainly understandable, the security issues surrounding VoIP, namely toll fraud, is not as common as one might think. Developers, technologists and companies are constantly developing sophisticated defense measures like firewalls, redundancy and encryption to ensure solid, reliable security. If you feel comfortable conducting transactions online, whether it’s banking, shopping, or paying bills, then using VoIP is a no-brainer.

It’s rather easy to install.

VoIP is an easy-to-implement technology thanks to the cloud. In the past, VoIP needed to be configured, however, with cloud computing technology and more efficient routers, we’re seeing a sort of plug-and-play method when it comes to implementing VoIP, and businesses (and residents) couldn’t be happier. A hosted model means no worrying about scalability or upgrades due to capacity requirements. Managing line cards, trunk cards and physical space in your facility is not required. Instead, hosted VoIP providers handle capacity, performance and configuration of the total VoIP system.

It’s not as expensive as you think.

VoIP tends to pay for itself within a few short months. Typically, users pay a little upfront in the way of IP phones and other equipment, but really, they save a lot in the end. Businesses tend to think that VoIP will take money out of their bottom lines, but this is far from the truth. The money saved within the first few months of use will be rather evident in the communication bills.

Given all of its features and how they can improve business functions, it’s no wonder VoIP has managed to stay relevant. Despite the never-ending myths, VoIP is a powerful technology that will only offer benefits to its users – and that’s the truth. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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