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Eze Castle Brings VoIP to UK Financial Firms

October 22, 2015

By Michelle Amodio, Business VoIP Contributor

Eze Castle Integration has just expanded its services in the U.K., now bringing cloud-based VoIP to financial customers looking to utilize the latest that communications technologies have to offer, including data, voice, and fix connectivity.

Its solution, Eze Private Cloud, gives hedge fund and alternative investment companies the ability to be mobile while providing for the unique needs of financial-focused corporations; now colleagues are able to leverage true collaboration and staying connected to geographically dispersed offices.

“Eze Voice augments productivity and simplifies the complexity of global communications, transforming business networks and supporting sustained growth,” said Bob Guilbert, managing director of Eze Castle Integration in a press statement. “Expanding our advanced cloud-based voice solution to the United Kingdom provides our clients with transparent, sophisticated communications and an investment in the future.”

Integration is perhaps the most attractive feature of using cloud-based systems; smooth integration with email programs or with other office and other applications allows users to do more things in more ways than before. The mobile workforce can stay connected to their home offices, making it seem as if they never left their physical desks. Messaging has become more efficient, and portability has never been easier. It’s easy to make extended international or interstate calls without incurring huge call costs. Sharing files, keeping track of large client lists, accessing call information and history – these are much simpler than they used to be.

Analysts have said the future is in the cloud, and as VoIP has evolved, it has done so with newer technologies like cloud computing. Many VoIP service providers now have their platforms located in the cloud, which means it’s far easier to turn the tap on and off, and scale up or down as business needs increase or decrease.

Moving towards a cloud-based system can provide a number of important competitive advantages for firms, like easily connecting remote offices together.

As telecommunications become more refined, perfected and evolved, so too, does VoIP. With new innovations taking place all of the time, VoIP has been a true constant, keeping communications costs and processes streamlined and efficient. The pace of technology means that solutions like business VoIP can be all the more powerful and cost-effective in the near future.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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