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Italian Business VoIP Credits Partner for Years of Success

September 02, 2015

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

With 30 years experience in the delivery of digital technologies, Unidata has been blazing its own technological trail for some time. It was Italy’s first Internet Service Provider (ISP), and in 2004 became the nation’s first telecom to provide SIP-based telephony. It has kept a focus on utilizing leading technology to provide innovate and industry leading services.

In that light, Unidata chose PortaOne’s PortaSwitch for its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) platform.  "PortaOne's PortaSwitch offered us a complete solution including billing, softswitching and Unified Communication services where no additional elements such as billing mediation and customer administration were needed," Unidata CEO Renato Brunetti noted. "We believed this would be not only cost-effective but also very straightforward for us, as there would be only one entity involved in troubleshooting and addressing issues."

The decision in SIP platform gave Unidata the ability to come to market with a wide berth of services—from building a fiber network that serves Rome as well as two data centers to provide cloud services, the partnership has certainly bore fruit.

"As we evolved, PortaSwitch ably fit our changing business model because it offered all the features our company might need, without a precise definition of the services and market segments we might target in the future," stated Brunetti. "It addresses all the fundamental technology and administrative requirements we continue to have as a growing VoIP-based telephony operator, at a competitive price."

Unidata boasts a portfolio of services today that provide residential and business customers throughout Italy with IP-based voice and data services—and, can do so with confidence in its partner PortaOne, to help connect the dots along the way.

VoIP technology has come a long way in the recent past, and innovations will drive the development of services we have yet to imagine. It is vital to pick your partner well. Firms like Nextiva or PortaOne can help a firm of virtually any size ensure exceptional VoIP services in place.



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