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Verizon Bundles VoIP and Mobile, Eliminates Long-distance Charges

August 20, 2015

By Michelle Amodio, Business VoIP Contributor

For the enterprise crowd, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has married its enterprise VoIP services with its wireless services, eliminating long-distance fees on calls coming from a Verizon Enterprise VoIP customer.

Available immediately to customers that use Verizon's VIPER (VoIP IP Enterprise Routing) platform, domestic and international per-minute charges for calls between participating Verizon Enterprise VOIP customers, and calls from participating Enterprise VoIP customers to any Verizon Wireless phone number have been removed.

“This latest offering is clearly a benefit for VoIP customers that we haven’t seen from other providers," said Amy Lind, research manager for Enterprise VoIP and UC for IDC according to a blog post posted on Verizon’s enterprise blog.  “As employees and consumers alike rely more and more on mobile connections, this offering makes good business sense."

As new devices have emerged for interacting, working and collaborating, employees have come to expect greater accessibility. The benefits of embracing the shift toward a mobile workforce are extensive, including quicker, more flexible decision-making, as well as improved productivity. VoIP has enabled firms to work from anywhere at anytime. 

“We see this as an ideal offering particularly for our business VoIP customers that communicate with people on the go,” said Tom Dalrymple, director of Product Development and Management for Verizon in a statement to the press.  “Organizations across industries including retail, distribution, finance, transportation and manufacturing can more efficiently communicate with customers, mobile employees and suppliers.”

The most important benefit of VoIP technology is its cost efficiency, which in turn adds to the savings of consumers and companies using it. Generally, it can save almost half of the traditional phone bills, and sometimes more. For large organizations, the savings can translate to a lot.

With enterprises able to realize so many advantages by adopting a VoIP solution, providers like Verizon see the benefit from making options for IP telephony coupled with mobile available to customers. As more companies look to deploy VoIP, the ISPs that offer the solutions earlier on will gain a competitive advantage over those who do not. 

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