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TechHeights Offers Cloud, On-Premises VoIP to Businesses

June 03, 2015

By David Delony, Contributing Writer

TechHeights, an Irvine, CA-based provider of consulting services, has announced that it is offering VoIP services.

Mike Monaco, one of the principals at the company, said that the introduction of VoIP complements the company’s existing services.

"In keeping with the flexibility we offer in our other services, including web consulting and CRM development, we offer a variety of VoIP services," says Mike Monaco. "We can customize a VoIP service to businesses of all types, finding the right solutions for their particular requirements."

TechHeights offers both on-premises and cloud-based VoIP solutions. The decision to go with one or the other depends on the size of the business. A smaller business will want a powerful business phone system without a lot of installation and maintenance issues. A cloud-based system will mean that TechHeights will manage most of the complexity inherent in VoIP.

Larger companies will want a lot more control over the system. That means installing it on-premises, where the company can oversee everything from the installation to configuration. A larger company will also have a larger budget to hire people experienced with VoIP.

The extra complexity is worth it when a system can be completely tailored to a company’s needs. Customer service departments rely on their phone systems and this is an example where an on-premises VoIP system can really shine.

"Depending on the size of the company and the business in which it is engaged, as well as the number of employees actually using the system, we may recommend an on-site or a cloud-based VoIP for best results,” Monaco said.

Local consultants like TechHeights provide a valuable role in helping businesses select the technology that’s appropriate for them, including VoIP. Consultants provide a fresh pair of eyes to objectively look at a business from the outside to see how it could be using its IT resources more effectively.

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