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Avaya Enables Effortless Engagement with Esna Acquisition

May 29, 2015

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Put it in the books, as of May 28 Avaya has officially completed its acquisition of Esna Technologies. The newly acquired entity will help Avaya improve enterprise and SMB adoption of real-time communication and collaboration solutions.

Esna provides Avaya with the ability to offer end users easy access to voice, video, IM, conferencing and messaging all from the device of preference. A major hurdle in enterprise adoption of new technologies is ease of use, as many not familiar tend to struggle with properly taking advantage of what technology today can offer.

This announcement is not just about utilizing the cloud to improve ease of use, but it also illustrates that Avaya can now provide the enterprise with browser-based unified communications (UC) at the click of the mouse. The cloud-based model will help the IT department by lessening its load; it will also aid productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

"For all the effort that the industry has invested in business communications, most offers fall woefully short of the seamless user experience that leads to effortless engagement. It's time for the convergence of communications and business applications, time for enabling communications from the browsers of public or private cloud-based applications people use every day, and time for the user experience to be one click to engage, " noted Gary E. Barnett, SVP and GM, Avaya Engagement Solutions.

Today’s UC market mirrors much of what America saw with the race to the moon—With a complete solution being the “one giant leap for mankind.” Every provider is seeking to round out offerings by either buying technology or partnering, and the industry is reflecting this with more end-to-end solutions with exciting and innovative engagement, communication and collaboration opportunities.

"Esna and Avaya are building the future of collaboration experience -- a future where communication is embedded directly into the applications, processes and workflows that drive how work gets done. By uniting our strengths and resources, we'll be able to offer truly innovative solutions that give companies real choice when it comes to the applications and devices they use to communicate and collaborate with their employees, customers and partners,” proclaimed Mohammad Nezarati, CEO, Esna.


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