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bluArc Now Offering Business VoIP Service

April 09, 2015

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The flexibility, freedom and cost savings make VoIP an attractive option for a business of any size, whether a call center of a hundred or startup of less than 10 VoIP adoption is on the rise as the pros far out weight the cons. Recently, bluArc decided to join the fray of offering a business VoIP solution of its own and capitalize on the growth in use.

bluArc, one of Canada’s top hosted business phones and Internet services providers, recently announced the arrival of its Business VoIP Solution in an effort to augment its portfolio of offerings. With this venture bluArc has definitively separated from the pack, and is poised for prosperity.

“It must sound odd that a company renowned as being Canada’s number one Hosted Business Phone Provider has now entered into the VoIP market—a service that until now has been the antithesis of what our company does,” said Rick Koenders, bluArc’s Director of Business Development.

bluArc’s openConnect is delivered via an Internet connection and deployed through the cloud and is interoperable with the entire bluArc portfolio. BluArc President and CEO Jay Swayze explained in a company announcement that this release is response to the many companies disappointed “due to the infancy and inherent issues with VoIP phone systems, ones that have plagued and disappointed businesses for years.”

Swayze has the utmost confidence in bluArc’s expertise and innovative knowhow to position well in the market. He noted, “we felt that we could finally throw our hat into the ring to provide the best business-only VoIP solution Canada has to offer.”

Recently, bluArc partnered with CounterPath, known for its high quality softphone offerings, to be able to offer its new phone app. bluArc’s OpenConnect also includes features such as call recording, fax-to-email and voicemail-to email.

Koender noted, “We knew that the time was right to bring our team’s decades of business telecom experience to the market—delivering an actual business-class VoIP solution.” And as the old saying goes, when the iron is hot it is time to strike.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino



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