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snom Unveils New IP Desktop Business Phones

February 13, 2015

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

With the rise of the business VoIP phone, there are a ton of different businesses that have moved from looking for any device that can bring them an IP phone solution and are now looking for the best on the market. snom is hoping its offerings will fit that bill with the recent announcement it is launching a couple of different IP-based desktop business phones. These phones, dubbed the M65 IP DECT and the M700 are among a number of other IP business phones and desktop products announced this week.

Both the M65 and the M700 are both buyout to integrate with existing phone systems. The phones include features like paging and a number of other capabilities. The M65 runs on a wireless technology that is much more common in Europe that it is in the US, but the technology is slowly making its way over here. The M65 has a two-inch backlit color display as well as a backlit keypad. The phone also has wideband audio that includes speakerphone and a number of different ringtones and vibration settings for incoming calls. snom believes that DECT has some serious advantages over other wireless technologies.

"Unlike Wi-Fi or cellular, DECT is engineered specifically for voice and operates on its own frequency and never competes for resources with other forms of communications. Plus, battery life for DECT handsets is far superior – up to weeklong standby times and full-workday talk times.” Tommy Lee, director of partner alliance at snom said in a recent statement.

The benefit of the M700 multi-cell base station is that it had expanded coverage over a number of different floors and throughout large buildings. This particular model can actually support up to 200 handsets and 40 base stations while also handling 100 repeaters in the same installation.

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