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Cloud-based Networks May Have Been the Best Thing to Happen to VoIP Calling Yet

October 16, 2014

By Matt Paulson, Business VoIP Contributing Writer

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone networks are often hailed as the calling system from the future. Though VoIP has been around for some years, it was not until broadband Internet became virtually ubiquitous in the workplace that enough businesses had the bandwidth to support VoIP to make it popular. Now with the rise of cloud technology, it appears that business VoIP may be in the midst of a second revolution. According to a blog from VoIP provider Voxilla, cloud-based VoIP networks could deliver cheap and reliable phone service to business and even residential customers.

VoIP is already considered one of the cheapest ways to get a quality phone system, due to the fact tha both carriers and customers save money when sending voice as packets of data instead of an analog electrical signal, but cloud computing means that the required infrastructure can be reduced even further.

Hosted PBX VoIP systems allow businesses to pay a small monthly fee to remotely connect to a powerful IP-PBX server and have access to a broad range of professional calling features, like music on hold and conference calling. While it may at first seem like businesses would be saving money in the long run by purchasing an IP-PBX system for use on site, the maintenance fees alone will generally stack up to be higher than the monthly fees for hosted PBX systems in smaller businesses, not to mention the thousands of dollars it would cost to purchase and install the system in the first place.

As cloud-based technology becomes more advanced, hosted VoIP providers are able to offer more and more competitive prices. Increases in the field of mobile Internet are also making it easier for smartphones and other devices to connect to cloud networks, which is opening up the door for mobile VoIP phone systems as well.

Finally, VoIP is also much easier to use thanks to cloud-based networks that allow businesses to simply plug in and go as soon as they make the call. This eliminates the need for any installation fees, and makes adding more lines easy with superior scalability.

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