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VoIP Popularity in Florida Higher than Ever with Nearly One VoIP Phone Per Person

August 28, 2014

By Matt Paulson, Business VoIP Contributing Writer

VoIP phone systems are gaining popularity around the world due to the fact that they offer higher quality phone service at much lower prices for both business and residential customers. This is largely made possible by the fact that calls are routed through the Internet instead of directly through traditional phone switch networks, which has a much lower operating cost. While this concept seems almost too good to be true, the state of Florida has adopted VoIP so much that there are now almost as many VoIP phones as there are people.

With VoIP, phone signals are compressed into hyper-efficient packets of data, and because digital signals take up far less bandwidth than analog more data can be transmitted with fewer resources. This also means that more calling features can be included with the price of phone service, like automated voicemail and caller ID. While these features are useful for home phone usage, they are extraordinarily beneficial to business customers. Several calling features are offered to business VoIP providers such as toll-free phone lines, customized area codes, music on hold and call waiting.

While traditional telephony is based off of technology that has remained largely unchanged since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, VoIP embraces modern technology and cloud-based systems. A private branch exchange (PBX) is necessary for managing incoming and outbound calls, and several VoIP providers allow customers to use their own PBX systems through the Internet. This is called hosted VoIP, and it spares businesses the expense of having to own and operate their own PBX system.

Telx Telecom is one of Florida's top hosted VoIP providers, and the company has just announced that they now have the bandwidth to support Florida's increased demand for VoIP. The company fully expects the VoIP demand in Florida to grow, and is positioned well to take advantage of that growth as it matures.

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