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Nextiva's Business VoIP Solution Earns Praise in Independent Review

August 13, 2014

By Mandira Srivastava, Business VoIP Contributor

VOIP Billboard is an independent product tester site that specializes in giving expert feedback and opinions from a consumer standpoint on a wide variety of goods and services in the gadget and technology field. The site has been getting a lot of attention lately for providing invaluable insight on such providers. Most recently, the group published an independent assessment of the Nextiva Office package for commercial and business use.

VoIP technology allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks around the world for a fraction of the cost of international phone calls made through a traditional hard line. VoIP is, therefore, a cost-effective communication method that is increasingly being used by businesses all over the world to contact clients and manufacturers overseas.

VOIP Billboard’s Nextiva review opens with top-line essential information on price and availability, and has a short summary of the key pros, cons and bottom line for those who don’t want an in-depth analysis.

“We recommend Nextiva’s business solutions precisely because they are so scalable, giving businesses room for growth or the ability to streamline for budget constraints flexibly, meaning it will always meet needs without being surplus to requirements,” a spokesperson for VOIP Billboard explained in a statement. “The mobile app is invaluable for getting employees on board for internal video conferencing and their impressive range of features and cross-platform support lends itself well to a complete communications solution for businesses who don’t want to manage a chain of communication islands, making the IT behind comms much more streamlined and straightforward.”

The review states that Nextiva’s solution offers one of the best business VoIP services of all scales—from small businesses to large organizations—with price plans to match independent traders right up to multinationals, so businesses will never be without the kind of service they need to excel in their online communications. 

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