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SIP Paging Speakers: The Latest Addition to VoIP Services

July 09, 2014

By Matt Paulson, Business VoIP Contributing Writer

IPitomy is one of the top providers of VoIP services, including premises-based and virtual cloud-based business solutions and unified communications platforms. This week, the company added a new product to its list of IP communication services: a SIP paging speaker with talkback capability that is fully integrable with the IPitomy IP PBX.

The paging speaker allows companies to broadcast communications through various rooms and hallways within the office or warehouse through a solitary Ethernet cable. While this may not sound particularly impressive as appears to be little more than a glorified PA system, the fact that the unit can use SIP trunking and unified communications as an audio source means that almost any communication can be instantly transmitted to a speaker PA system, no matter the format.

That means that the audio from a video conference can be simultaneously broadcast to a manufacturing floor or a developer's workshop to directly and instantly translate their wishes into action, as well as simple mobile calls for when a manager can't get to their office but needs to talk to their entire work group at once. A microphone built into the speakers also allows for talkback applications, so that workforces can ask questions on what their orders are and how they should best take action.

The speakers are highly versatile and can be programmed for an unlimited number of page groups that all have customizable paging zones. The fact that all of this can be done with only a single Ethernet cable helps to greatly reduce installation costs, and an auto-discovery feature further reduces this cost as well as the time needed to install the speaker system.

According to IPitomy sales adviser Matthew Bellisario, “My dealers are very excited about this product. They no longer have to worry about installing external paging equipment for most jobs, which makes installation and customization much more streamlined than older paging systems.”

Edited by Alisen Downey


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