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Wheelings & Dealings: Telinta-LiveHelpNow Partnership to Improve VoIP Services

March 12, 2014

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

Telinta, a provider of switching and billing services for VoIP and business VoIP customers, recently announced that it will begin offering a special promotion through its partnership with LiveHelpNow, a business-to-consumer customer service corporation. Telinta customers who open a new account with LiveHelpNow will be offered the promotion.

LiveHelpNow provides Web-based solutions to help businesses better reach out to their customer base. These solutions include live chat, email ticket management, call requests, and knowledge base systems – all services that allow customers to find information they need or allow them to connect with businesses when necessary. Ben Grinberg, business development director at LiveHelpNow, described these technologies and the impact they will have on Telinta.

“[LiveHelpNow systems] are easy to use, highly customizable, affordable, and scalable to fit the requirements of Telinta customers,” Grinberg said. “We are happy to help Telinta’s customers provide the best service possible to their end users.”

These systems will integrate with proprietary Telinta solutions such as TeliCore, a switching, billing, and customer management platform. LiveHelpNow systems can fit within the web-based customer management platform Telinta already has set up, enhancing the business VoIP provider's customer service capabilities and increasing its access to customer feedback and analytics.

Telinta will want to implement as many LiveHelpNow solutions as it needs and will best serve its own customers. Their main services lie in the field of VoIP solutions, but that doesn't restrict their need to address their customers' questions or problems. The aforementioned help desk features will allow them to stand out from the pack by helping them become more of a social, relationship-driven company.

The features will not only serve to improve the business relationships that Telinta currently has; it will also help generate new customers by easing their transition to a new VoIP switching and billing company. The promotion should further draw in prospective businesses by incentivizing their initial signup and therefore providing them access to the fruits of the Telinta-LiveHelpNow partnership.

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