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How Business VoIP Can Help Keep Your Customers Happy

October 02, 2013

By Mae Kowalke, Business VoIP Contributor

Consumers have a lot of options these days thanks to the Internet and globalization. While some products are truly unique and competition cannot replicate what’s offered, for most businesses, the competition is just a few clicks away for their customers.

This makes the role of good customer service all the more important because it has become one of the key business differentiators.

That in mind, here are four tips for impressing customers with an exceptional customer service experience.

First, send a hand-written note. In this age of e-mail and chat, the personal note is dead. Well, almost. Almost nobody hand writes notes, which is why it is a wonderful opportunity for the savvy business. Talk about differentiation!

“Every time you land a new customer, take five minutes to write them a hand written thank you note. Do it right after you sign them as a customer so their account is fresh in your mind,” advised Kambria Nagy in a recent blog post. “When writing the note, cite the conversation you just had with specifics on their business and express how excited you are to welcome them into your company.”

A second way to wow customers is with fast turnaround. While there is obvious limitation, the ability to deliver a fast turnaround speaks volumes to most customers. It says they matter, it says they can find resolution when they need help, and it shows that the business is on top of its game.

So make sure that e-mails are returned in less than 24 hours, and make it a priority to speed up response times to customer inquiries.

A third important way to deliver a good customer service experience is making it easy for customers. VoIP can help.

With VoIP, a business can make it easy for customers by having an auto attendant that ensures their calls are routed properly. It can call forward, making sure there is less voicemail and followup calls. VoIP also delivers higher call quality, and this translates into calls that are more effective at communication.

A fourth way to impress customers with good customer service is through creating confidence in the business.

“Customers need to have confidence in your product or service in order to stay with you or to sign on as a new client,” noted Nagy. “There are five main ways to create confidence in the eyes of a customer.”

These ways include being polite, showing up on time, following through on promises, being proactive, and meeting or exceeding expectations.

Your business may not have a truly unique product. But if these tips are put into practice, you at least will have brand allegiance that will make it feel like you do.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey



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