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What Can Business VoIP Do to Help Boost Customer Service?

August 28, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

What is your definition of great customer service? Is it receiving satisfaction on an order? Great rapport with the contact center agent? On-time delivery of a product? Or, simply receiving the appropriate answers to your questions? Maybe your definition isn’t even listed here. This is the challenge for any company using business VoIP to deliver on customer expectations – not all customers have the same expectations.

When your concentration is on the communication line, great customer service means you have enough people on staff to ensure all customers receive the care and attention they need. It also means your focus is on efficiency so as to respect the time of your customers and your agents. VoIP goes a long way to assist in the process as it enables 24x7 service, a low-cost way to do callbacks and the personal touch. Each agent can have an individual phone number that gives the customer an opportunity to make that direct connection.

Business VoIP also gives you the opportunity to launch a local number regardless of location. So, if you set up shop in multiple cities, your number stays local. Customers in China will have a local number to call the same center used by customers in the UK. And, if you employ home workers, they can more easily get online and handle customer interactions. Calls never have to go unanswered and you’re better equipped to give customers the experience they expect. It’s also nice that it saves you money and gives you compete control over your communications platform.

But you don’t have to go it alone. Developing expectations for the agent base when it comes to how they should handle customer interactions is an important step, but deciding how to execute on your customer service strategies is something you can boost with access to a few tools. Business VoIP provider, Nextiva, recently posted a blog with a list of the 10 must have customer service apps for the small business. Apps like Brandify, Schedule Max, Live Chat, Sage One, Lick With Me Now and more are summarized on this post to show you what value they may bring to your environment.

The main point is customers will look far and wide for the best provider to solve their problem, deliver a needed service or produce a wanted product. As more than one company is likely to do so, customers are more apt to turn to the one more interested in maintaining their business. This is demonstrated with quality customer service. If you’re ready to be that preferred provider, it may be time to look at what business VoIP can do for you.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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