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The Benefits of Virtual PBX Can Lead to Business Growth

July 26, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Tools to grow the business always tend to gain attention. But how do you separate the hype from the value-added applications that truly deliver on expected value? After all, the Palm Pilot was supposed to redefine the way we kept track of our schedules, but we all now carry a smartphone. How do you build a solid business strategy based on technology when technology is always changing?

One area of change that moves at a slower pace is the development of the virtual PBX. It’s a powerful tool positioned as one that can help grow your business and reduce the cost of staying connected. Recent reports show that virtual PBX reached $65 billion in annual sales for 2012, indicating solid adoption.

While growth is an indicator that the technology is in high demand, what business owners really want to know if how they can use the technology to grow their business. A recent Avoxi article explores a few must-have features that make the virtual PBX the winner a growing company needs to make an impact and stomp out the competition.

The impact is really felt, according to Avoxi, among those startup companies with one to 50 team members that also have a goal to grow big enough to survive and thrive. As a result, these organizations focus on growing sales, the customer base, profits and the staff necessary to ensure delivery and service.

But the virtual PBX can be a benefit to the larger company as well. If leadership is focused on growing the bottom line to meet shareholders expectations or to position the company for optimal acquisition, this is also an optimal environment for this technology. Even if this company has the resources to implement the equipment, infrastructure and IT team to support the on-site PBX, it’s not necessarily the best approach. After all, is that the best source for your resources?

A virtual environment extends access to the features that typically add cost to the on-premise environment. An Interactive Voice Response and Auto Attendant can organize the team, allowing all employees to focus on the task at hand – their jobs. By allowing employees to focus on their core competencies and business operations, the business can leverage key opportunities for growth.

The virtual PBX also enables time of day routing to enable the delivery of calls through methods and processes that work best for the environment of the business. This feature allows you to control how, when and where customers and staff can reach you or other key employees. Plus, the virtual PBX easily integrates with current networks and applications to ensure the seamless operation of the business and all communications.

Regardless of the size of the business, communications are critical. When such communications are put in place according to the needs of the business, the business is perfectly poised for growth.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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