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Get in the Know, Business VoIP Helps SMBs to Grow

May 28, 2013

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Nextiva is one company powering a VoIP platform currently being used in countless businesses that truly understands the value of delivering a stellar customer experience. Based in Arizona, the business VoIP expert has long held true to its goal of assisting small to medium-sized businesses in gaining access to key unified communication services such as VoIP, fax and Web conferencing at a cost-effective price.

In a recent video featuring Mike Michalowicz that was sponsored by Nextiva, it was revealed that in order to continue to see growth within your organization, it is vital to “see things through the eyes of your customer.”

How can you do that? Well, no matter what industry you are in, be sure to actually use the product or solution you are offering to your customer base. According to Michalowicz, “Feel what the experience is like.” Perhaps there are problems in your delivery that you wouldn’t have any idea about unless you experienced the various issues firsthand, including those related to purchasing.

For example, the video highlighted the case of a land developer for retirement communities whose responsibility is to find land and then create beautiful buildings. In fact, it wasn’t until the builder himself went and worked inside the retirement home, that the development of these facilities could be completed to the degree they needed to be. This is due to the fact that caring for seniors differs significantly than any other age group, due to the fact that most of these individuals have extreme physical limitations that come with old age.

By going inside of any location and seeing for your own eyes how customers respond to different processes, it is easy to see what is working and which areas need immediate improvement.

He added, “If you really want to service your customer right, something hopefully every entrepreneur wants to do, make sure you’re always see things through your customer’s eyes.”

While Nextiva may not necessarily travel to each and every one of its customers’ headquarters, it does provide an unparalleled level of care. This is shown through the fact that nearly 95 percent of all its incoming calls are answered by the second ring, and through its ideology that the firm wants to help your business operations excel in all areas, not just within your communications platform.

Additionally, the business VoIP specialist knows how crucial every minute of your time is. That is exactly why the company ensures that when you do have a problem, question or complaint, you are only put on hold for a very short period of time if at all.

To find out more about what goes in to enhancing customer satisfaction through Amazing Service, click here.

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