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Nextiva Among Top Four Business VoIP Providers Powering Internet Telephone Plans

April 30, 2013

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) helps businesses save up to 80 percent on their phone bills. VoIP uses unlicensed spectrum for transmission, so it is cost-effective.

The VoIP boom began to pick up speed during the Great Recession in 2009. Small businesses turned to VoIP as part of their plan to reduce telephony costs. Later, these organizations realized that business VoIP not only offered cost benefits but also provided them with advanced telephony features that were previously only accessible to large enterprises.

Apart from voice and video calling, business VoIP delivers improved communications facilities such as unified communications and IP PBX with all facilities such as call recording, caller ID, multiple extensions, IP fax and more. These services are also offered under a hosted model, which relieves businesses from huge telephony infrastructure and associated costs. 

Picking the right VoIP provider is not easy, however. With a large number of service providers offering different types of business VoIP plans currently, it becomes difficult for a customer to choose the right provider and the right plan to meet their individual needs. 

To help companies choose the right VoIP provider, VoIP Review has picked the top four business VoIP providers offering the most flexible plan options. These companies include: 8x8, RingCentral, Vocalocity and Nextiva.

8x8 offers a wide variety of plans to suit any business’s needs. For small businesses, the company offers unlimited Internet plans starting at $29.99/month per extension. Companies have the option to choose as many extensions they want. The company also offers custom extensions such as metered extensions or global extensions with international calling features. Add-on services include IP conferencing plans and call center software.

Additionally, RingCentral offers tiered pricing plans for two to 19 users which start at $24.99/month per extension, and range up to $19.99/month per extension for plans with 100 or more users. Customers can also select plans by the minute, starting with a $9.99/month plan for 300 minutes that extends to a 2,000 minute local and long distance plan for $24.99/month.

Vocalocity offers Internet telephone plans starting with one unlimited extension for $39.99/month. After that, users can add on as many extensions as they want, either metered, unlimited, or virtual. The company also offers metered and virtual extensions at $14.99/month.

Last but definitely not least, Nextiva also offers tiered pricing options. Office Pro plans start at $34.99/month per extension for one to four users and range to $19.95/month per extension for 21 or more users. The company also offers Office Enterprise plans, which includes extra features on top of those included in the Office Pro plans. Office Enterprise plans start at $44.95/month per extension and there is a $34.95/month per extension for 21 or more users offering a swell.

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