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Hosted Business VoIP Benefits Go Beyond the Cost

April 02, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The demand for VoIP solutions in the corporate environment is growing. In fact, a recent ShoreTel report estimates that the market will hit $377 billion by 2016. The key question for many a business, however, is whether they should implement a VoIP solution in-house or opt for the cloud-based option. 

A closer look at business VoIP uncovers a number of advantages, the most prominent being cost. According to this recent article, the premises-based VoIP system includes all the equipment needed on site. The cloud-based solution eliminates all equipment except for the phones. In some cases, employees within the corporate environment need only mobile devices as the VoIP solution is delivered as a pure SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.

Before implementing a VoIP-based solution, it’s often recommended that decision makers take a closer look at the differences between on-premises and hosted to truly understand what they gain with one and give up with another. 

For instance, business VoIP should deliver flexibility benefits, but on-premises systems could limit capacity and do require frequent updates to the system. With a cloud deployment, companies no longer have to worry about updates or the complexities involved with adding users as the hosted provider does all the work. Plus, an upgrade is a simple endeavor. 

Scalability is also a benefit with a business VoIP solution, but again can be limiting with the on-premises option. Cloud-based VoIP ensures companies have access to the features and capabilities they need, deploying them across the entire enterprise without any disruption to the business or requiring changes in hardware. 

A cloud-based VoIP solution is also generally offered with a focus on business support. Important IT resources cost can be reduced with VoIP in the cloud, allowing the IT team to focus instead on maintaining the network. At the same time, it offers better support of mobile employees, enabling the entire team to stay connected on the go.

But that’s not all when it comes to the benefits surrounding business VoIP delivered in the cloud. According to this virtual-pbx report, such a solution can also eliminate limitations on the number of calls that can be made; enable the use of the IP fax; allow for seamless and inexpensive video conferencing; and optimize mobile apps to support a growing business. 

To be competitive in today’s market, companies need to be in the market, allowing for personal connections between their key players and their key clients. This demands mobility. At the same time, mobility can’t handcuff the professional in the field that needs access to communications and collaboration. Business VoIP provides it all; ensuring those in the field can stay ahead of the competition and maintain an assertive edge.

Edited by Jamie Epstein



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