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Ooma Unveils Potential Game-Changing Business VoIP Solution

January 14, 2013

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

For anyone who has a love for technology, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an event that participants look forward to year after year. The reason? Many big name companies leverage this conference as a platform to debut new products and solutions as well make some pretty ground breaking announcements.

With this year’s show recently taking place in the exciting city of Las Vegas, one company making news was Ooma, a firm catering to SMBs, that just officially unveiled Ooma Office. This product is touted as bringing next-generation communications such as business VoIP to smaller sized companies that typically have tighter budgets when compared to larger corporations. In essence, the product seamlessly integrates the capabilities found within Ooma's Telo device, which has been designed from the ground up for residential use, and has slightly altered it in order to significantly benefit small businesses that desperately need access to functions including conference bridges, an automated, programmable receptionist, and line extensions as a way to stay competitive against others continually entering the space.

“The biggest difference from Ooma's home offering is the price; at $19.99 a line, Ooma Office is much more expensive than the residential version (which only charges for the initial base, and not for service), but much cheaper than competitive services (see: Vonage, Access Line, etc.),” a recent review revealed. It can be purchased starting this month for around $249.99 at both U.S. and Canadian retailers

With the company’s motto for the offering being, "Sound like a big business at a small business price," the unveiling of this platform comes at the ideal time. As the economy is still struggling to recover, firms are still being forced to do more with less and with Ooma Office in place, it is easy to measure up to customer demands now and as they grow.

Additionally, due to the fact that this system is based upon a VoIP platform, users can ramp up scalability, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Customers all over the world are implementing VoIP-related services at a rapid pace, so much so in fact that findings are revealing that the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.15 percent between 2012 and 2016.

Titled “Fixed VoIP Services Market in the US 2012-2016,” and published by TechNavio, this report highlighted that the biggest vendors currently in the market include: Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc., Cablevision Systems Inc., Cox Communications Inc. and Vonage Holdings Corp. Other noteworthy vendors are Charter Communication Inc., Bright House Networks LLC and 8x8.

''The Global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Equipment market is facing intense competition,” according to one TechNavio analyst. “In order to maintain their position in the market, VoIP equipment manufacturers are developing innovative devices with enhanced features at a low cost. In the past few years, the cost of VoIP equipment such as IP deskset, IP private branch exchange (IP PBX) and other VoIP hardware has reduced significantly. This has encouraged enterprises across the globe to adopt multiple VoIP connections for their business operations. This will encourage service providers to increasingly adopt IP networks.''

If you are SMB looking to transition to VoIP but unsure of the first steps to take, click here to learn more about how to get started right away.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey



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